Donate to help finish "Blue Train"

Pioneering Jazz and Roots Vocalist  Solitaire Miles has been living with Lupus, a genetic auto-immune disorder, since age 15.  Recently her doctors found a carcinoma, and cancer is not uncommon and can quickly progress in  Lupus,  so she  started  treatments this year in Chicago.  Just before the diagnosis  Solitaire  had been completing a new album of Rockabilly and Roots music and had recorded 15 songs with great Chicago musicians like Grammy winner Howard Levy, Sax Maestro Eric Schneider,  UK Vocalist Dominic Halpin, Chicago Diva Jen Zias, and arranged by guitarist Neal Alger and the tunes were all recorded before she had to stop working.  Although she is lucky to have health insurance she is still having to pay several thousand dollars a month for out-of-pocket costs and fees - just one of her medications is $1,000 a month in cash - before insurance kicks in!   The album is close to being done but she doesn't have the extra funds to finish production and pay for her health care,  so the cost of finishing a new album is a luxury at this point. 


Lupus can be challenging and cancer is very common for Lupus patients, so Solitaire would like to complete and publish her last album, just in case anything should happen.  She has been doing well through her treatments, but because Lupus is so unpredictable there is a chance that things could turn quickly and it is her hope to have this  CD finished  just in case.   Her life is defined by her music, so donations towards finishing the project from friends and fans will be greatly appreciated and help her to focus on  healing.  All of the donations go directly to her recording studio, Steve Yates Recording in Chicago, to pay for  production.   


You can make a donation in any amount, and all donations starting at $20.00 USD  will serve as a pre-order for  the CD "Blue Train"  which will be printed to disc with a release by Fall  2021.  Friends who donate over $100 will receive a pre-release of the CD and a tee shirt.   Thank you for your kindness and generosity.