Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas needs your help!



We are very excited to announce that we have finished recording our next album! 

Featuring some of the best  Retro Country, Blues and Western Swing favorites as well as a few originals,  we hope that

this new album will please everyone!  We are adding some new members to our Lonesome Fellas, including Harmonica

player Howard Levy, Fiddle player Javier Chapparo, Vocalists Keith Weber and Jen Zias,  Melodica player Scott Yanow,

and Accordion player Don Stille.  We hope that our next offering will provide you all with hours of fun and pleasure.

As many of our friends and fans know, I was recently run over by a hit and run driver while legally crossing the street,

and I have been suffering through a lot of medical treatment.  I was run down in the crosswalk and left with 8 broken discs

in my back. The police were not able to find the hit and run driver and so it is up to me and my insurance to pay for all of

the medical expenses, so progress on the album has been going very slowly.   It is  expensive to record a quality

full length album here in Chicago, and so we are holding a fundraiser because there is no way that we can do this without

support.   Our last album, with promotion, cost us what a new car or a year of college tuition might, and because I am

facing so many medical bills from the hit and run assault,  we are asking for your help to finish the CD.  

We are hoping to finish the new album before Xmas,  all it needs  is to be mixed and printed but we can't

do it alone and we are hoping that our friends and fans will understand and chip in to help.  We are asking that you donate DIRECTLY TO OUR RECORDING STUDIO's PAYPAL PAGE and NOT to any fundraising or crowd sourcing page. 

So all of your donations will GO DIRECTLY to the mixing and processing of the music, so that we can get it printed and  out on the airways as soon as possible.  We are working with a wonderful engineer in Chicago, Steve Yates, who has recorded the album

and will be mixing it as soon as we can get a budget going.  THANK YOU for helping us finish our project, we have 20 songs in the can right now and I can't wait to get them out and mixed and released!  The album is called "Blue Train" which is an original tune written by Mel Harker and you can listen to a preview featuring Howard Levy on harmonica and Neal Alger on guitar 



Gifts for donations

$15  - a digital copy of the album when it's released

$30 - A hard copy and digital copy of the album when it's released

$40 - A retro-inspired pin-up portrait hand painted by Susie Blue

$50 - copies of the album when it's released and a signed poster of the band

$100 - copies of the album when it's released and a personalized  portrait

or pin up painted by Susie Blue

$1,000 - copies of the album when it's released and  we record your favorite song,

any song that you want,  and we will provide you with an mp3 digital copy